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September 4, 2023

Welcome to our Changelog

This is the first issue of our Changelog, where we'll announce new changes to the BaseHub platform.


API Auto Slugs

Now you get an automatic _slug field for each block, with guaranteed uniqueness at the nesting level its in. You can always create your own "Slug" Block (text block with regex validation), but this is a great alternative to take into account when creating UI for a Blog, or similar.

// _slug is another key in your Block:
  posts: {
    items: {
      _slug: true,

Onboarding Template

Our brand new Onboarding template brings new users right into "The BaseHub Way", by teaching the basics of BaseHub. Check it out when creating a new repository!

Note: to build the onboarding template, we had to build a new "template engine" which is the first step into creating more templates in the future.

Text AI Generation

We've launched a new popover to generate text. For now, it supports text fields only, but we'll work on generating Images, and improving the suggestions overall.

More stuff

  • We've started working on Docs.

  • We're really close to shipping Teams + Multiplayer.

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