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September 11, 2023

Introducing Teams

Collaborate with your coworkers on content, in real time.

Bring your team together

We've shipped Teams, so now you'll be able to collaborate with your coworkers on content, in real time. Look for the Team Switcher in the Header (top right) in order to create one!

Note: Teams are free during Alpha, as we figure out pricing, but we'll probably charge for them in the future. Rest assured, we'll never charge you for something before notifying directly to you.

More stuff:

  • Blog Template. We scaffolded a quick new Blog template. Look for it in while creating a new Repository.

  • We'll be working on Multiplayer Presence UI.

  • We're prioritizing a feature for transferring repositories from one team to the other, so you'll be able to start on your personal account, and upgrade if/when needed.

  • Docs are still in the works; hang in there!