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April 5, 2024

New Roles for Team Members

You can now set Editor and Viewer roles for your team members, plus limit access per repository.

Last week, we introduced some major role management updates that advocate for a comfortable experience when leading with large teams.

New role types: Editor and Viewer

In addition to the already known "Owner" and "Member" roles, we've introduced new role types aimed at addressing previously overlooked use cases. These four roles prioritize simplicity and ease of use in both UI design and tool functionality for every scenario. After all, why burden someone who simply needs to change copy with a needlessly complex user interface? It's important to ensure that editors and non-technical individuals don't alter the schema.

  • Owner

    Has access to everything inside this repo. Can invite, grant or remove roles. Can edit, create, remove blocks and their properties. Anything that can be done in BaseHub, the Owner has the permissions to do it.

  • Member

    Can edit, create, remove blocks and their properties. Can create and delete repositories. The highest role apart from the Owner, is the most versatile, without incurring in team management nor billing settings.

  • Editor

    Can edit blocks and content; can add new collection instances. Think of it as a copywriter / marketer, they can add a post entry, or update a subtitle, or change an image, but they won’t be able to delete documents, or create new blocks that would change the API schema.

  • Viewer

    Can view all the content, including hidden values and members settings. This is a less crucial role, but think of it as a guest that could check everything looks good, without needing to worry about modifying anything by accident.

Limit access to specific repositories

Wanted to invite a new editor to the team but don’t want to share non-related repos? No need to worry, we have you covered now.