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April 10, 2024

Editor Layout Redesign

The new editor layout sets the foundational stone for new screens and features. Let's see what it bring as of today.

The new README works as an initial screen to quickly see and edit useful info about the repository. You might noticed the old “Connect” page is embedded here now. We also have the possibility to edit the repository’s title and description, all in one place. The README is a special tab that functions as empty-state, wiki and quick kick off of the project simultaneously.

The new sidebar navigation involves some renaming of sections:

  • Explore

    Previously “Content”, where your work in progress leaves, here you can access all your repo blocks and edit them.

  • Changes

    Previously “Commit”, where you can see the diff between your WIP and the last commit tree.

  • History

    Previously “Commits”, where you can access the full list of past commits since the beginning of the repo.

Tabs are now persisted between Explore, Changes, and History, which means you can have an open tab for a piece you’re editing, a tab showing the diff, and also a tab showing a previous commit, all in the same context.





Overall, this redesign gives us a lot more space for adding new features without cluttering the UI. The header is now cleaner and well suited for our upcoming Branching selector, and the left sidebar has a lot of space for new panels.