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Fast, Collaborative, AI-NativeContent Management

Make your website editable faster than ever with BaseHub, the Headless CMS that’s built for speed and collaborative workflows—all with the help of AI.

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  • Basewell
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BaseHub Dashboard

Building blocks for your website

Work on a beautiful, Notion-like editor. Press “/” and pick a block from a selection from over a dozen options.

  • Model and write your content in one go, without the context switch.

  • Drag-and-drop, duplicate, multi-select Blocks for faster workflows.

  • Build Components to reuse, just like you’d do in Figma or in React.

Deliver your content via GraphQL

Query your repository with our typesafe SDK, or with any GraphQL Client of your choosing.

  • Get started quickly with the basehub SDK. Type-safe and lightweight.

  • Query a performant GraphQL API, with an easy-to-understand API design.

  • Easy to integrate with Next.js. Check out our docs!

Features that make you work better

Query your repository with our typesafe SDK, or with any GraphQL Client of your choosing.

Realtime, Multiplayer Presence

Work with your team in real time. You’ll see their faces as they move through the Repository.

AI Structure Generation

Generate entire content models with natural language. Try it out with things like “a blog post about space travel”, or “model a documentation site”.

BaseHub AI generative content

A type-safe SDK

Install and run our SDK generator, which introspects your repositories’ content to output automatic TypeScript types. Learn more.

BaseHub typesafe editor

All the essentials, and then some

Choose from a wide selection of blocks. Use primitive blocks—text, images, dates, etc—, or more complex ones—collections, components, and more.

A Diff View to see your changes

See what you’re about to commit across your whole repository with the diff view. Discard changes if you’ve made a mistake. Learn more.

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We want to change how content is written and distributed.

We want to build the best tools to help ambitious content teams—developers, marketers, bloggers, journalists—write better content, faster.

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