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January 30, 2024


We've added webhooks to BaseHub, starting with the Commit event. We're planning on adding more events soon.

Webhooks allow you to receive event notifications from BaseHub. BaseHub will send a POST request to a URL you specify when certain events happen in a BaseHub Repository.

BaseHub processes webhooks with Svix. The Svix integration was easy-peasy to set up, yet another example of great DX.

The only supported webhook right now is repo.commit. This is a useful notification that can help you set up on-demand revalidation for your Next.js Apps, amongst other things. Another common use case is search indexing: imagine you want to set up an Algolia integration, where you get content from BaseHub and index it into Algolia—at commit time is a great time to do so.

On the roadmap: We’re working on automatically indexing your content, thus supporting Search functionality via our API out-of-the-box. Stay tuned!

We’re working on adding more events into the mix, so stay tuned.