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October 19, 2023

Multiplayer Presence, API Improvements, and more

We’ve been busy these couple weeks, and we've packed a lot of new stuff with this update.

Multiplayer Presence

BaseHub's been real-time from the start, but now, you'll see presence indicators ala Figma when someone is working with you in the same repository.

We're working on more Sharing features, such as inviting read-only Guests to facilitate getting feedback on your content!

"Wrap in collection"

You now can right-click a block and "Wrap in collection" to create a collection and place that block inside of it. For example, say you have an "Author" Component which you instantiate a couple of times, but now you realize you want to order them in a single Collection. Now, with just a couple of clicks, you can do so easily!

API Improvements

We've made several infrastructure improvements to our Delivery API, making it faster and more reliable. We're committed to keep lowering those milliseconds.

"Select" Block

The new "Select" Block let's you define a constrained set of options and choose one (or multiple) from those. It also looks great! Try it out with /select.

AI Structure Generation Improvements

We've dramatically improved our structure generation, making it much more helpful than it was before. It now generates better structures, and adds placeholder to it. Try it out with a prompt like "a landing page about Lionel Messi".

Quality of life improvements

  • We now display the Collection's Template component in the sidebar, so navigation is clearer.

  • We've added support for Tables inside the Rich Text Block.

  • We've made sure we don't expire the generic Team Invite Link, so you can invite all your coworkers with just one link.

  • We've added the functionality to "re-roll" your API Key, just in case it gets compromised.